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Episode #48 “Mergers and Acquisitions”


w/guests Angelo Massagli (Bobby Baccalieri III) & Arthur J. Nascarella (Carlo Gervasi).


This week on Talking Sopranos it’s another double header! Michael and Steve welcome both Angelo Massagli and Arthur J. Nascarella to the podcast. 

First up it’s Angelo Massagli, Bobby Baccalieri III and Steve’s on-screen son. Angelo talks about what it was like to be part of the Sopranos at age 10. How David Chase always made him feel so important and how he helped Angelo even after the Sopranos was over. Angelo’s parents wouldn’t let him watch the show when it aired, but he recently watched the series for the first time and shares his thoughts. 

Next up it’s Steve and Michael’s good friend Arthur Nascarella. Arthur was a 21 year veteran of the NYPD and shares how that experience prepared him for a life on-screen. He auditioned for a number of roles on the Sopranos and finally hit gold with Carlo Gervasi. Arthur shares some amazing stories about how he met James Gandolfini and what he found in his dressing room the first day on set.

Then Michael and Steve get into this week’s episode which has one of Steve’s favorite lines from the entire series. Tony says I can’t take Ralphie’s girlfriend “I already took his horse” Ouch. But that’s nothing compared to the story about Ralphie and the cheese grater. It’s a lot to take in and another fantastic episode of Talking Sopranos, Ep #48 Mergers and Acquisitions S4 – Ep8. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Talking Sopranos podcast wherever you get your podcasts and go to the Talking Sopranos website to ask questions and buy merchandise.