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Episode #47 “Watching Too Much Television”

Episode Description

In this episode Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa try something new. They invite Sopranos Celebrity Super Fan Pete Davidson, star of SNL and The King of Staten Island to the podcast. Steve always said he wouldn’t have anyone on the podcast who wasn’t part of the show but Pete is a huge Sopranos fan. He has seen the entire series 10-15 times, knows everything about the show and even has an awesome Bada Bing tattoo to prove it. Pete is a fantastic guy and absolutely loves talking about the Sopranos. He tells us about his favorite episode, favorite villain and after all his extensive research what he thinks happened in the end. Michael and Steve also talk to Pete about how he got his start in comedy, SNL and his hit movie The King of Staten Island.

 Then Michael pulls out some old casting notes from Marco Polo, a show he wrote. When he was pre-producing the episode, casting was looking for someone to play Dr. Russ Fegoli. They started by going through the original casting notes for Bobby Bacala Sr. and Uncle Junior. Michael kept the actual documents and tells us who’s on the list and all the comments associated with each actor. It’s fascinating!

 After that Michael and Steve get into this week’s episode. Paulie is out of jail and complaining, Adrianna thinks she has a way out from under the Feds and Tony’s old goomah ends up in a very unlikely place. It’s all this week on Talking Sopranos #47, “Watching Too Much Television” S4-Ep7. Make sure to subscribe to the Talking Sopranos podcast wherever you get your podcasts, and visit the talking Sopranos website to ask Michael and Steve questions and get official merchandise. htttp://