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Episode #46 “Everybody Hurts”


w/guest Jack Bender (Director)


Emmy award winning director Jack Bender joins Michael and Steve for this week’s exciting episode of Talking Sopranos. Jack talks about his incredible journey which began as a young actor appearing on such famous TV shows as All in the FamilyThe Mod Squad and Mary Tyler Moore. In the 80’s Jack moved behind the camera and since then has enjoyed an illustrious career being nominated for 9 Emmy awards and winning one. Over the years Jack has produced and directed episodes for 73 different TV series including Lost, Games of Thrones, The Last Ship and Mr. Mercedes. He also directed 4 Sopranos episodes including “Another Toothpick” which features some of Steve’s most difficult and demanding scenes. Jack also talks about how he got his start in Hollywood and his father who was the furrier to the stars. He became friends with David Chase on I’ll Fly Away and jumped at the chance to work with him again on the Sopranos. He shares lots of behind the scenes stories including his first day on set and how everyone was worried because he was “one of David’s friends” but over time they all saw his amazing talent. 

Then Michael and Steve get into this week’s episode which is one that Michael wrote. Once again, another episode that Michael created which does not feature Bobby Bacala at all. Steve will definitely have something to say about this. This is a big episode for Artie Bucco, and John Ventimiglia absolutely knocks it out of the park. Michael also shares lots of inside info about what his was thinking while writing the script and what the entire episode really means. Get ready for Talking Sopranos S4-Ep6 “Everybody Hurts”. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Talking Sopranos podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Post questions for Michael and Steve and buy official talking sopranos merchandise at